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    Welcome to join ARC!
    ARC is powerful team, with the average age of 29 years old. The working environment is easy and open,and our aim is to create a company which would make sure people could work in happily.

    ARC puts the human resources at the very position than all other factors. The work model is Project oriented: a team leader will be naturally arisen when a project is operated formally. Every team normally composed by a marketing staff, an engineer, a purchase staff and a QC staff. The team work requires every member endeavor its integrity and expertise. This model helps prompting staff ability in a short time.

    ARC offers varies kinds of training inside and outside via inviting professional training company, content including TS/ISO quality management system, casting craftsman, 7 habits of highly effective people etc.

    Every member in ARC has the chance to go aboard to investigate market and visit customers two times per year with all charges covered by ARC. We attend foreign trade show at least 3 times a year.
    Everyone contributing 1 million sales will become company’s partner.
    Join us! Email or give a call.



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