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Case study

    To see how we help IRISBUS IVECO reduced $100,000 sourcing cost by using ADI (Austempered ductile cast iron) technology:

    IRISBUS is a bus and coach manufacturer located in France which belongs to IVECO group. The products they inquired for at Nov. 2007 are control upper/lower arms, brackets and right/left levers. These parts are used for chassis system in a new generation coach.

    According to our experience in ADI fields and after reviewed their drawings, ARC team suggested IRISBUS use ADI material EN-GJS-800/1000/1200 instead of alloy steel. They visited our foundry for three times to understand our facility as well as quality management system. During the period, we provide more technical data of ADI material properties. For the sake of fulfill machining requirements of IRISIBUS products, our foundry purchased a 4-axle machining center. Finally IRISBUS agree to use ADI and place a trial order of 10pcs each item on Feb 2008. The testing results on Apr 2008 show the ADI properties were great, formal production start on May 2008.

    ADI material has lighter weight, long service life compared with traditional alloy steel. The total order amount is $500,000 which saved nearly $100,000 of IRISBUS compared with last generation material.

    ADI has following great properties:
    -Extreme strength and wear resistance. Toughness of middle level.
    -High shock absorption capacity. 1-5db lowers than that of steel in usage.
    -Better low temperature performance than steel. Suitable for usage at low temperature.
    -Continual self-hardening capacity in working process. Work faces continuously produces self-hardening capacity in working process and continuously improves its strength and wear resistance.
    -Lower factory cost than steel. Material weight is 1/3 less than that of steel. High utilization rate of material.



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